Friday, October 03, 2014

Yoochun considers Siwan his rival in acting

During the press conference for movie 'Sea Fog' held on October 3 at the BIFF Village,Yoochun brought up acting-dol, ZE:A's Siwan, when he was asked about a rival among the idols turned actors.

He said, "Everyone does a lot of acting these days.  I watched over a lot of dramas and movies, but I was surprised when I saw Siwan in 'The Attorney.'  I did not know he was a singer.  I only knew him as an actor.  Even when he came out in Jaejoong's drama, 'Triangle,' he acted well, so I only knew him as an actor."

In addition, Yoochun stated, "After picking a production and acting, there was never a single time I thought I did it really well."

'Sea Fog' will be his movie debut, so make sure you watch it when you can!

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