Friday, October 10, 2014

EXO Luhan’s lawsuit demands 50 million Korean won from SM Entertainment

Following earlier reports of EXO’s Luhan filing for a lawsuit against SM Entertainment for a contract nullification, details regarding the case have been revealed—including the amount of money being demanded.
Several hours ago, breaking news of Luhan suing his agency, SM Entertainment, reached the media through a Chinese news portal, Sina. The reports claimed that the EXO member wanted to terminate an invalid contract.
According to the Seoul District Court, the artist used his birth name Lu Han, and filed for a suit demanding SM Entertainment for 50,000,000 Korean Won (roughly $47,000 U.S. Dollars).
However, the South Korean Department of Justice has not yet distributed or ordered the dividend, as shown in the photo above taken from the Seoul District Court website.
The exact reasons or details on why the lawsuit was filed on behalf of Luhan were not yet revealed at the time, but fans and media have been speculating that it may be due to his health, such as fatigue from recent overworking conditions.
On the other hand, SM Entertainment released their first official statement regarding the lawsuit, stating that Luhan had previously expressed his wishes to focus more on individual promotions in China, rather than it being due to health conditions.
Furthermore, Sina, who first announced the news of the lawsuit, followed up with another report on the four reasons why EXO’s Luhan has filed for termination of contract.
Since the announcement of the shocking news, Luhan finally broke his silence by posting a message to fans through his Instagram and Weibo accounts.
Below is a translated English version of the Seoul District Court’s case file information regarding Luhan’s lawsuit.
(Irrelevant or unavailable information omitted.)
What are your thoughts on Luhan’s lawsuit demands?
Source: News One

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