Friday, October 10, 2014

Jessica Jung to make first public appearance after departure from Girls’ Generation

After Jessica Jung’s departure from Girls’ Generation, her whereabouts have been unknown, but she is about to make her first public appearance for her fashion brand “BLANC & ECLARE”.
Jessica is currently working on her BLANC Group with rumored boyfriend and fianceTyler Kwon, who is an influential investment figure. Just a few days ago, it was announced that they will be launching BLANC & ECLARE as a development of the brand.
Lane Crawford, a company specialized in selling designer luxury goods in China and Hong Kong, has announced that they will be working with Jessica’s brand. Since the brand BLANC & ECLARE has officially been established, the series of sunglasses will first be sold through Lane Crawford.
The founder of the brand, Jessica Jung, will personally make an appearance and celebrate Lane Crawford’s first year since its opening in Shanghai Times Square.
In an interview, Jessica was asked, “Compared to Seoul, what prospects do you foresee in Shanghai?” Jessica responded, “I have not spent a lot of time in Shanghai, but up till today, I have great impressions about Shanghai.  It is a modern place filled with energy. I am very willing to explore further and experience this city, because I’ve heard that there are a lot of amazing things here!”
Ever since young, Jessica has been very attracted to fashion, resulting in her continuous interest in fashion product design.
Jessica explained the meaning of her brand, saying that “Blanc” represents the color white, and “Eclare” is a Latin term derived from “Clara”, giving the meaning of crystal and clear. With the two terms combined, she hopes to develop a brand with a classic and simple concept.
Jessica also revealed that they are currently venturing out into developing perfumes and designing extraordinary fashion apparel. She also expressed interest in participating in a charity event.
In other news, Jessica is under fire for alleged similarities to the Japanese brand “BLANC”.
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Source: Lane Crawford

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